The Student Affairs Division includes six units, which are:

  • Student Advising Section
    Through student loans, scholarships and assistantships, emergency financial aid, work-study service, class advisor system and systematic counseling, help students to learn without burden.
  • Extracurricular Activities Section
    Assist student club development; promote interaction among domestic and foreign students so that students may cultivate planning ability, experience of leading others and being lead, teamwork spirit, and interpersonal skills to enhance students’ understanding of future global society.
  • Campus Health Services Section
    Promote good health so that students may learn easily, maintain good health and are equipped with health-related and first aid knowledge so they can maintain their own health.
  • Overseas and Mainland Chinese Students Service Section
    Arrange a fine learning environment; expand learning resources and activities to reduce overseas Chinese students’ difficulties. Provide ‘learning without burden’ counseling measures to enable overseas Chinese students to learn happily and safely on campus.
  • Housing Service Section
    Provide and/or examine quality housing environment; cultivate students’ self-governance ability and citizenship to enable students to learn without burden, cultivate teamwork spirit and become outstanding talents.
  • Military Training Office
    Assist with university education, research and service; equip students with basic knowledge including national defense, first aid and nursing, ethics and manners via military training, national defense and nursing education. The unit also helps to provide assistance and service in handling emergencies and accidents.

  • Mission: Create an energetic campus filled with refined global citizens
  • Goal: Establish a healthy, energetic and friendly campus with students who are willing to help others; cultivate global citizens who are equipped with the ten pillars of MCU education by measures of moral education and potential development
  • Working Objectives: Establish enthusiastic and multi-faceted campus culture, create a healthy and energetic friendly campus, elevate students’ social intelligence, enhance networking and consultation, and provide professional student affairs service that can touch students’ hearts

  • H」: Happiness─ With a friendly campus and through cultivation by teachers, we hope to foster love, purpose, sense of involvement and confidence in our students so that they learn and grow happily and are filled with hope for the future.
  • 「E」:Endurance Create a warm and friendly campus environment; aggressively enhance 3-level prevention; assist students to adapt to the campus environment; use measures that include class advisor counseling, peer interaction and consultation, to assist students to face problems and foster problem solving ability.
  • 「A」: Autonomy Promote peer development via professional courses and equip students with rational thinking and judgment ability as a foundation for the independence they desire. We enable our students to become independent through the cultivation of various abilities including club management, activity planning and implementation, communication and problem solving.
  • 「R」: Responsibility Cultivate students’ sense of responsibility via participation in moral education, extracurricular activities, sports activities and service-learning.
  • 「T」: Teamwork Enhance students’ awareness of the importance of teamwork via clubs, sports and extracurricular activities, and train students in being good teammates.
  • 「M」:Moral Promote moral education to cultivate students as modern citizens and quality employees with fine morals and good taste.
  • 「C」: Caring Adhere to the founder’s educational philosophy of “Attending to all students with parental care, support, and guidance” to take care of every student. At the same time, we cultivate students’ empathy and care for others through activities including Service-Learning, community service and Student Club Development Project for Elementary and Secondary Schools.
  • 「U」:Universal Vision Hold international activities to enable interaction and cultural exchange among students from different countries to expand and elevate their global vision and viewpoints.