2023-24 1st Semester Dormitory Move-out & Move-in Notice

Dear students:

  1. Please make appointment for dormitory move-out. Tenants are required to register the departure time with the Dormitory Superintendent in advance. The Dormitory Superintendent and officers will handle the move-out procedures according to the registered time. If tenants do not move out according to the registered time, the Dorm staff cannot process your request.
  2. Tenants are required to empty and clean the dormitory rooms, return the keys (including the dormitory button and the key for the door), you are responsible for the keys for the closet and drawer. The move-out procedure is completed after inspection by a dormitory officer.
  3. Tenants of dormitory rooms which are not going to be offered for winter break use may store their personal belongings and books in the closet and drawer of their original room. All valuable personal belongings should be taken home. The university assumes no responsibility for any lost articles.

Housing Service Section, Student Affairs Division