Prevention and Care of Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox is an infectious disease caused by Human Herpes virus, which causes a maculopapular rash all over the body and fever. Once you are infected, you will have lifelong immunity. However, the virus will lurk in human nerve segments after the healing and become a latent infection that may cause herpes zoster when the patients grow into adulthood.


Prevention of Chicken Pox

  1. Frequent hand washing with soap.
  2. Strengthen your personal immune system and wear a mask for self-prevention.
  3. Be aware of environmental hygiene: Maintain classroom hygiene by keeping air flowing.
  4. Public desks, chairs and utensils must be cleaned often.
  5. Inoculation Self-paid inoculation:

Those who are not sure to have Chicken Pox before may take the blood test for ensuring the need for Chicken Pox inoculation.


  1. Chicken Pox Care:
  2. To avoid spreading the illness, patients with Chicken Pox should see a doctor as soon as possible and stay at home at least for five days

or until all the lesions have dried up.

  1. Reduce fever to maintain constant body temperature.
  2. Patients must be isolated at home and wear a mask when out.
  3. Prevent scratching the blisters and keep the skin clean to prevent scars from bacterial infection.

5. When bathing, gently wipe body with a towel so as to not break the blisters.